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Our Features

Stark’s investor portal is designed with you in mind. Gain a unique perspective for better, more informed investment decisions.

Independent Mutual Fund Ratings

Stark aggregates data on performance, risk and fund quality for the information you need to invest with confidence. Access ratings through our portal for greater clarity and insight into mutual fund portfolios.

Our Ratings

Monitor Portfolio Funds

Ratings make it easy to keep an eye on your mutual fund portfolio. Track trends over time to identify when to stick with what’s working and when it might be time to make a change.

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Discover New Funds

Use Stark Ratings to source new funds. Our tool can help you quickly eliminate underperforming investments and see which ones stand out from the mutual fund crowd.

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Enhance Fund Reporting

Provide reporting to all stakeholders showing an independent evaluation of the quality of your funds. Use data to support your recommendations by indicating performance, risk and fund quality relative to other funds in the sector.

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Improve Fund Governance

Add a layer of diligence to your governance process by including ratings in your guidelines. Improved oversight and monitoring lead to greater transparency.

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Screen Potential Funds

Stop wasting valuable time weeding out funds that aren’t the right fit. Use our platform to quickly separate the good from the bad.

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